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The Primordial Ones



The leader and founder of NITRE. Seth is a bit monotone, and slightly more than a bit awkward, but wishes to learn how to interact with others. Unfortunately, due to past trauma, Seth suffers from a permanent dry cough. However, he will not allow this minor inconvenience to stop him from having a good time with the other Primordial Ones and his followers.

Seth Ylem

Wyatt Natus



Wyatt is the King of Swing, Baron of Dance, and the Lord of Music (or so he thinks). Confident in his abilities and seemingly stuck in the 1930s, Wyatt couldn't be more stoked for the emergence of electro-swing. With a skip in his step and a smile on his face, Wyatt is ready to have a good time.



The mistress of dreams, Sanya is likely the most mature one in NITRE. Proud, deliberate, and a bit cold, Sanya truly does wish to get along with the other NITRE members. But with her aloof professionalism, she seems to have a hard time being spontaneous. But behind that iron will is a cute dreamer trying to express herself. Hopefully her time in NITRE will soften that Reality and allow her Dreams to come true.

Sanya Rem


Takeshi Lentus


Takeshi is the odd-one-out in the group. Seemingly more interested in learning than playing, Takeshi has made it his mission to understand alchemy; just don't tell him that alchemy is no longer a real science. However, either due to his natural talent in artificial creation or just plain luck, Takeshi does occasionally discover something new. He hopes that his time in NITRE will yield great results in his quest for more knowledge.


Mai is the textbook definition of a Lady. Gentle, polite, and well-spoken, Mai is like the older sister or mother of the group. However, something seems to be hidden behind her smile. Could it be mischief, or something more, *ahem* lewd? Or could it be something else entirely? Regardless, Mai is ready to meet her new followers, despite that knowing smile.

Mai Nox


Kylia Mador



If Mai is the older sister, Kylia is the younger sister. Sarcastic and a bit smug, Kylia won't hesitate to toy with the other Primordial Ones; however, she will always make sure that everyone is having a good time (even if she won't readily admit it). She seems to be the most up-to-date of the NITRE members with her fashion, but she still has more to learn.

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