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Characters NADIR

The Primordial Ones



The leader of NADIR. Fordon is the second of three Primordials the Word created first. No-nonsense and matter-of-fact, Fordon only cares about his freedom. He takes pride in destruction, but even greater pride in forging something new. After all, what's more worthy of pride than remaking something in your image? And in his case, that was the remaking of NITRE as NADIR.

Fordon Creo


Anathema Misce



Anathema is the cold and efficient killer of the group. Lacking in social skills, she only cares about the success of her mission. The only reason she joined is because Fordon asked her to. Perhaps that's why her colors are similar to his? At the end of the day, however, she is a lone wolf and will prioritize success over anything else.


The monster hunter and medic of NADIR. Huxley hates when others get in his way, but don't let his cold exterior fool you. He is one of the best medics within the Primordials, with extensive knowledge of all known – and most unknown – ailments. Huxley will stop at nothing to cure someone or to finish a hunt, but won't always ease their pain before or during the process.

Huxley Sanus


Miette Sordes



Miette was the original warden the Word issued to watch over Fordon and his group after the war. But having grown bored with her duties, and deciding Fordon's way of thinking is much more fun, Miette let them go and is now only in it for whatever enjoyment she can get. Easily bored with monotony and small details, she goes all out with everything she does, whether that's jail-keeping or playing.


Much more willing to listen and follow the rules than the others in NADIR, Ichabod is the most trustworthy in the group. However, once his patience has come to an end, his golden behavior quickly turns into a crashing wave. This privateer of the group may keep the others in check, but he only serves his own interests in the end. What could he be planning with joining NADIR?

Ichabod Lex


Briar Pestis



Far and away the most violent of the group, Briar lives up to her title of berserker. However, while calm and relaxed, she can be quite caring. With thoughts as sporadic as a moth and the temper of a bear, Briar is one Primordial that you never want to cross. She even seems to have more gems than the others. Is she that much stronger, or is it for show?

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