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The Before


Before the beginning, there was the Word, neither something nor nothing. The Word decided to make something out of nothing, and created the Before. The Before was filled with Dichotomy; chaos and peace, heat and cold, something and nothing. The Word saw this and was concerned. He knew that every force had its opposite, but nothing could exist while everything existed at once. So the Word set out to make physical entities to embody each Dichotomy within the Before.

The Birth

The Word decided on this because He knew that everything needed its equal and opposite part. Those that the Word created became known as the Primordial Ones. Having set the Primordial Ones their various duties, the Word gazed upon the Before and was glad. Afterward, the Word decided to create more, something more than just the chaotic forces of the Before; “Let there be light...”

The Mission

One day, Seth awoke to see the Word's most prized creation: humanity. Never before had he seen creatures capable of so many Dichotomies at once. These things were filled with amazing love and forgiveness, but capable of the most horrendous acts of hate and revenge; they were incredibly smart while simultaneously being unable to see past their own noses; incredibly innovative and creative, but terribly destructive and limiting. These creatures piqued Seth's interest, and he decided to walk among them, to learn more about them. After waking five other Primordial Ones to join him – including his two right-hands Wyatt and Sanya – Seth and the others took human forms and human names, and descended upon the Earth to learn about these humans.

The Question

...It is unknown why they chose to wear a covering and a hat, as well as a belt and gloves. Perhaps it is an ill guided attempt to emulate human fashion, or perhaps it is something else entirely. The only thing known is that the gems each one carries is their life force in crystal form. Without it, the Primordial Ones would not be able to exist in their human forms.

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