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NITRE's Story

NITRE's Story

NITRE, which is an acronym for the "English VTubing Project," was born with the goal of giving people the opportunity to become entertainers or content creators when they otherwise wouldn't. Not everybody can become "pro," but we at NITRE believe that anybody can come close when given the chance.

We at NITRE believe that our actors should be given the bulk of the money that they actually earn, a differing point of view from most "pro" agencies. NITRE also believes that its actors should be able to mold their characters the way they see fit, and allow them to stream the content that they wish (within copyright law), allowing them to forge their communities uniquely.

NITRE also values community. Without community, both amongst the actors and the audience, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. We are a team and friends, not just coworkers and audience. We are on this journey together, and only together will we be able to succeed.

Why Dichotomies?

NITRE wanted to come up with a concept that was both unique but understandable. The idea of dichotomy used for characters is not unique, but most people never take it past the cliche ("fire and ice!"). So NITRE's CEO set out to build upon that concept.

It began with Seth Ylem, who is the Primordial One of Entropy and Chaos. Seth's design was meant to take the "fire and ice" trope and make it something more; in this case, something more scientific. Entropy is the lack of usable energy, whereas Chaos is the abundence of usable energy. The heat is nothing more than abundent energy in air molecules and the cold is the lack of energy in air molecules. But after coming up with a way to make the cliche work, more ideas kept coming.

Wyatt Natus is the Primordial One of the Natural and Artificial. What could be the dichotomy for natural states? Well, Natural means something that exists based on the universe putting it there. Artificial means something that exists based on something outside of nature putting it there. Thus, the dichotomy for Nature is Artificial.

Sanya Rem is the Primordial One of Dreams and Reality. This dichotomy is fairly self-explanatory. Dreams only exist in one's mind, whereas Reality exists outside of one's mind.

Takeshi Lentus is the Primordial One of Metal and Glass. This one is fun because metal and glass are not dichotomies. The dichotomy is found in the characteristics of metal and glass. Metal is hard, pliable, and mainly used in tools. Glass is hard, brittle, and mainly used in art.

Mai Nox is the Primordial One of Lucent and Umbra. She is the cliche "day and night" dichotomy, but with a twist. Instead of being only day and night, she is also light and dark, morning and dusk, and pure and impure (in terms of thought).

Kylia Mador is the Primordial One of the Arid and Moist. Despite the name, she is also the cliche of "land and sea." However, her dichotomy is also much more. She is "dry" (humor-wise and sarcastic) but "wet" (caring). She can also represent the "old world" of the sea and the "new world" of the land.

The name "NITRE" is also a dichotomy. Nitre, also known as saltpeter, is a mineral. It is used in the making of both gunpowder and fertilizer. Thus, nitre is something that can be used to take life or to nurture it. Gunpowder is also dichotomous with itself. It can be used in the making of weapons, but also in explosives (as in tools used in earth moving or mining) or in fireworks (as art).

The CEO's personal story:

Hello! My name is Jacob Wright, and I am the CEO of NITRE LLC. Unfortunately, because NITRE's headquarters is my house, I cannot give an address (privacy concerns), but it is based out of Reno, Nevada USA. You can reach me at or through the Contact Us page if you have any questions.

The idea for NITRE was born around the 29th of July, 2020, in the midst of a terribly low point in my life. I had lost several of my dreams at the time, and was struggling to find the will to finish college.

But on that day, when I was scrolling through YouTube, I ran into a translated video of a VTuber. I had heard of VTubers before, but I actively kept away from them. They didn't seem to be worth the hype I had heard -- after all, they were just streamers. But, for whatever reason, I decided to watch the video. And I laughed. A lot.

I wanted to see more of this streamer. Her sense of humor was amazing, and the fact I found it funny after not laughing for several months made me want to support her. Before I knew it, I "fell down the rabbit hole." I started watching more VTubers, until I ran into one that spoke English.

Suddenly, I realized one didn't have to speak fluent Japanese to become a VTuber. So, out of curiosity, I started looking into the business of VTubing. I saw that there were many individuals that wanted to join the professionals, but couldn't.

And, out of nowhere, the idea for NITRE was born. If I could provide a company for these people that wish to become VTubers, I could both provide jobs and help support/expand the VTubing community. I could also show that one doesn't need to be part of a "professional" agency to make a difference.

Many months later, NITRE has become so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Thanks for reading, and please come with us on our journey into the unknown!

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