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NITRE's VTuber auditions are now closed! Thank you for showing interest in NITRE.

NITRE's volunteer application is now
open! Please read the details below if you are interested.

Our goal is to give anyone -- whether they are beginners or experienced content creators -- the chance to become VTubers.

If you have any questions about the audition, please visit the FAQ page for more info.

*All character bios are placeholders. If you don't like a bio for a certain character, then take them wherever you want!


What we provide

Exclusive Character

NITRE works with an artist to design an original character that is exclusively yours.

NITRE will also rig that character so they are ready for your debut!

IP Rights

After completing contractual obligations, the IP Rights of your character become yours, exclusively.


Worried about support?

NITRE will make sure you understand the software before you debut. NITRE Members also receive an 85/15 split, with 85% of income going to the NITRE Member!


1) Native/fluent speaker of English.

2) At least eighteen years old at time of application completion.

3) US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident appreciated, though anyone can apply as long as you can stream mostly in PST-EST (not a set-in-stone time requirement. It makes it easier to schedule collabs with the other NITRE talents).

4) A minimum of three streams a week of at least 30 minutes each (most streams average around one hour long).

5) Ability to make constant and regular content (streaming games, original music, original art, etc.) for at least two years.

6) A decent computer, microphone, and webcam (for software). Software will be given.

7) Strong and reliable internet access.

8) A willingness to stream through Twitch exclusively (Gen2).

Thank you for showing interest in joining NITRE! We look forward to receiving your future auditions!



NITRE is now looking for volunteers! We would like to get volunteers to help the talents achieve their dreams, while also helping you to achieve yours!

Why should you be interested in volunteering your time for NITRE?

1) It is entry-level, so you can use this opportunity as a stepping-stone for your future career, or to build experience in one of the available fields.

2) You can put this experience on your resume; volunteering for a start-up will look great on any resume!

3) You can add what you make for NITRE -- videos/art if that is the role you are volunteering for -- into your portfolio, or to get your skills out there and to start making a name for yourself.

4) If you are outstanding, this could lead to a full-time position working for NITRE!

Please check out the application for more details about the available positions.

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