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The Before


When the Word set out to create the Primordial Ones to tame the chaotic nature of the Before, He began by creating three original Primordials. The first was Seth, the Primordial of Chaos and Entropy, in charge of making physical reality possible. The second was Fordon, the Primordial of Forge and Destruction, in charge of writing the laws of destruction and remaking physical reality to keep it going. However, just as the Word set out to make His Reality ordered, His brother set out to corrupt it. The Will set out to teach the Primordials that they have their own wills, and that they don't need to always follow the Word's words.

The Fall

With the words of the Will echoing throughout their minds, the Primordials each chose their own path. Seth led the group that believed in following the Word's dictations, while using their own wills to allow for creativity and uniqueness; enough loyalty to stay true to the Word and enough freewill to be their own individuals. Fordon led the group that believed in complete and utter freewill, only using their powers for their own purposes, regardless of what the Word said. The third Primordial led the group that believed in complete loyalty to the Word, with freewill only causing distractions from their duties.

The War

Fordon's actions of destroying everything the other Primordials worked tirelessly to achieve started to anger the Word. Having set Seth the duty of capturing Fordon, the Word created the Cage. Seth's forces and Fordon's forces met on the battlefield, sending ripples throughout all of the Before. After many battles, Seth's group triumphed, but not without damage. Every Primordial present suffered some form of permanent scar, and the third group of Primordials distanced themselves further from the others. Fordon was stopped, but the Will's corruption was felt everywhere.

The Prison

The Word set one of his most powerful Primordials the duty of Warden of the Cage: Miette. Her duty was to watch over and punish Fordon and his Primordials for all eternity. However, she quickly grew bored of her duties. Torture quickly grew old after several millennia. Not wanting to fully free the others, she allowed them to project themselves outside. The Word realized her betrayal and had her imprisoned with Fordon. However, either failing to fix her loophole or allowing it to exist, all the captured Primordials could interact with Earth while never leaving confinement.

The Decision

Once Fordon tasted some freedom, he set out after Seth. Arriving on the Earth, he was furious to see Seth and his Primordials interacting with the Humans. Seth, the Primordial that defeated him, failing to follow his duty and living in freewill. The hypocrisy stung. However, while still partially imprisoned, Fordon could do little to interfere. So he did what he does best: he set out to reforge Seth's precious NITRE into something new: NADIR.

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