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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NITRE?
NITRE LLC is a small start-up VTubing Agency based out of the United States. The name NITRE stands for the "English VTubing Project," and our goal is to give anyone -- from beginners to content creator veterans -- the ability to become VTubers. NITRE believes that the actor should have the ability to mold their character as they see fit, with a focus on story-telling and creativity, as well as community and friendship. Please go to "NITRE's Story" to learn more.

What Does NITRE Provide Its Actors?
1) NITRE provides its actors with pre-made and completely rigged characters, as well as four custom background tracks to use while streaming. A YouTube channel will also be given, as well as a gmail account for business. A pre-made Twitter/Facebook account can also be added.

2) NITRE will also provide the Live2d software used.

3) If you don't feel comfortable with being able to afford certain hardware, NITRE will negotiate with you to help pay for the hardware as well, excluding the computer itself.

4) Full IP Rights of the character and most things associated with the character after meeting minimal contractual obligations. That includes the character, the background tracks, any equipment and software provided by NITRE, and most commissioned work from the actor. After completing one year, our actors can use the models outside of NITRE without issue should they graduate.

5) As NITRE grows, so too will the actors' channels. NITRE will try its best to market the actors' channels so they can focus on building a community for themselves and within the greater VTuber community. And as NITRE makes more profit, NITRE's actors will receive a bonus at the end of every year, allowing them to continue to focus on streaming.

6) An 85/15 split of all income that the actor makes. 85% of the income goes toward the actor, and at the end of the year, a bonus will be given based on how much profit NITRE made throughout the year.

Is this a paid position?
Yes and no. NITRE cannot pay their actors right now since it is a small start-up primarily funded by a single individual. However, once the actors reach monetization on YouTube or Twitch, they will be able to keep 85% of what they make. The 15% cut NITRE takes will go towards commissioning artists, riggers, musicians, and hiring employees. The actors will receive a bonus at the end of the year depending on how much profit NITRE made; the higher the profit, the higher the bonus the actors will get.

Why does NITRE take a cut of the actors' income?
NITRE takes a 15% cut because it will help fund for the future of NITRE. As the profit of NITRE increases, NITRE will be able to give "outfit" updates to existing actors, hire more expensive artists and riggers, and will be able to help pay for better hardware for future generations. As NITRE grows, we will be able to support our actors more, which will allow them to grow. And as the actors grow, they will allow NITRE to grow more, giving us more ability to support the actors.

Can Beginners Apply As Well?
Yes! NITRE will provide any knowledge needed to set up the rigged character (within NITRE's knowledge). NITRE wants to give the opportunity to livestream as a VTuber to as many people as possible.

Are The Characters Pre-Made?
Yes. This time around all of the characters are pre-made. All of the characters are also 2D only.

What External Expenses Should I Expect?
That depends on what you need. The only guaranteed external expenses would be stream overlays and background art, and that is so our actors can customize their characters as they see fit. We can negotiate helping pay for other hardware, such as webcams or mics.

Are The Actors Employees?
No. Because of how NITRE's actors are paid and how much they work, they will be considered "independent contractors" at this time. Essentially that means that the actors are in charge of their own taxes, but that they aren't selling their soul to NITRE to act for us either. The contract only states that you need to act for NITRE for two years, but that's just to gain IP Rights over the character (which you gain after one year). What is streamed, when the actor streams, etc. are all completely up to them.

Are There Restrictions On What Or When An Actor Streams?
No! For the most part. There are some games/genres and companies that are forbidden, due to copyright (think Sega, most rhythm games, etc.). As long as you are able to stream at least three times a week, how and when is up to you. The actor will need permission from the game companies they wish to stream. But, if NITRE hasn't already gotten permission, all you have to do is bring it to our attention and we will contact the game company for you..

Why is the contract for two years instead of one?
Because of the auto-renewal aspect of the contract. The actor will gain the IP Rights of their character after one year, but the contract auto-renews for one more year after that. If the actor doesn't want to continue after one year but after gaining their IP Rights, they can cancel the contract with the CEO. If they allow it to continue for another year and wish to continue, they will have to start a new contract for one year until they don't want to continue anymore or if they graduate.

What are NITRE's policies on swearing?
It would be appreciated if swearing was only used for comedic value, but it is not forbidden. As long as the swearing isn't constant or gets in the way of viewer enjoyment, or is used to try to sound "bad" (for example: "I am a f*cking god, damnit!"), NITRE will not try to control it. As such, if swearing is a normal part of the actors' vocab, they can continue to swear until it gets out of control.

When will I get contacted regarding my audition, if I do?
NITRE will do everything in its power to respond to every audition, regardless of if the auditioner is moving to the interview stage or not. The earliest you will hear back is one week after submitting your audition. If you audition the last day (22 July), NITRE will get back to you up to four weeks later.

How will the CEO stream, and will they always be solo?
The CEO knows that his presence can add unneeded stress to the actors of NITRE, so when he streams, they will be solo. However, if one of the NITRE Members wants to stream with him and reaches out, he might collab with them. He will never seek out collabs himself though. Any and all collabs he does, if any, will have been through the NITRE Members reaching out to him.

I like a character's design but think I can't keep their traits. What do I do?
The character traits on the audition form and the Primordial Ones page are only general guidelines to help guide the auditioner, not something that is set in stone. The character traits will change depending on who is hired for the character. If you like a design but not their traits, you can still audition for them. If your audition isn't exactly what the guidelines ask, your audition will not be overlooked.

Can I audition for future gens if I fail a previous one?
Of course! There is no limit to how many generations you can audition for. In other words, if you fail the audition for Gen1, you can audition for Gen2, Gen3, and onward if you are that willing to go through it that many times.

Will there be more lore in the future?

The CEO wasn't planning on adding any more lore at first, but enough people asked for more. Because of that, he is actively planning on more lore for the group. Any lore he comes up with and published will be okayed by the talents to make sure everyone is happy with it.

Will there be future generations?
Yep! At least, that's the plan. As long as NITRE exists as a company, we will continue to produce and announce future generations.

What kind of marketing does NITRE provide its talents?
NITRE will provide basic marketing at first. Think teasers, trailers, and updates regarding the talents' plans and/or achievements. The CEO is actively planning on hiring Social Media Managers to offer more professional marketing for the talents in the future.

If you have any other questions, please visit our Contact Us page. You can also visit our subreddit to ask any questions. Please note that we might not always be able to get back to you right away, but we will strive to answer regardless.
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